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The Key on Edge

The One Book That Can Benefit All

Piatt hopes to inspire young readers to embrace innovation and to have a positive impact on their lives and the lives of those around them. While the novel’s primary target audience is students in grades six through ten, it offers valuable insights to anyone seeking to explore and enhance their creative abilities.

If You Are Dedicated to Learning, You Can Learn Something from Everyone

In this story, you will follow a gang of ninth-grade students from the small town of Sharefield. Learn from these students as they realize that life is ever-changing, and many things are not as they first appear to be. Their mindset changes dramatically through their ninth-grade year and the following summer, never forgotten.

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But Piatt’s novel isn’t just a riveting tale; it’s also a classroom of innovation. By immersing readers in valuable lessons of creative thinking, Piatt aims to provide the confidence and ingenuity needed to navigate a perpetually evolving world. He empowers readers with effective insights and proven techniques that prove crucial in today’s age of innovation.

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