Michael J. Piatt, an esteemed innovator and now author, is delighted to announce the publication of his enthralling young adult mystery/adventure novel, “The Key on Edge.” Piatt’s book seeks to equip students with essential creative thinking skills by drawing readers of all ages into an engaging narrative that includes an innovative approach to exploring creativity.

In a world that is changing at an unprecedented rate, “The Key on Edge” is a valued instrument for fostering creativity through critical thinking and collaboration. Piatt, a seasoned technologist, and inventor, draws upon his expertise and life experiences to portray a literary voyage that integrates entertainment and education in a single journey. Readers are invited to follow along with the Sharefield Gang of young adults through a series of engaging adventures as they learn to solve problems and uncover mysteries.

Piatt aspires to equip readers with the confidence and ingenuity necessary to navigate a world that is constantly shifting by providing useful insights and techniques of the creative process. This information is rarely understood and presented in such a simple, actionable form.

Beyond the pages of his book, Piatt extends his commitment to making a difference. All profits from “The Key on Edge” book sales will be donated to educational charities, reinforcing the author’s dedication to empowering youthful minds and giving back to the community. The novel offers educators and parents an excellent opportunity to guide and inspire students’ personal and academic development.

“The world around us is evolving faster than ever, driven by new technologies and ideas,” explained Piatt. “It is crucial that we equip the next generation with the tools necessary to not only adapt to this dynamic landscape but to flourish within it.

‘’Through ‘The Key on Edge,’ I aim to encourage young readers to embrace innovation as a lifestyle, making a positive difference in their own lives and the lives of others,” said Piatt.

The intended audience for “The Key on Edge” is not limited to students. It offers practical and useful techniques to anyone interested in improving their creative thinking skills. The book contains a thorough discussion guide, providing readers with a proven resource for delving further into the themes and concepts presented through tangible examples in the storyline.

“The Key on Edge” is destined to become a must-read for young adults seeking to realize their creative potential. Piatt’s approach to narration captivates readers from the very first page and inspires them with invaluable insights that foster creative thought.

“The Key on Edge” is available in both print and digital formats from major online retailers and independent bookstores, which you can reach through

About Michael J. Piatt:

Michael J. Piatt is an innovator with a passion for fostering creativity and innovation in youthful minds. Piatt aspires to make a positive impact by sharing his life experiences and knowledge. “The Key on Edge” is his first novel. It combines his heartfelt enthusiasm for storytelling with his dedication to fostering creative potential.

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